Carlin & Evan

May 25, 2019Knoxville, TN

Our Story
Our Story

I guess my love story just goes to show you never know how God is going to orchestrate the little details in your life! Our family had heard the Stewart family sing on several occasions, but I never dreamed that our lives would one day connect through marriage, and that I would eventually be called "Mrs. Stewart!" It all began in the fall of 2016, when my mother was asked to speak at a Ladies' Conference at the Stewart's church! Evan just happened to be one of the servers for the conference! I was in the fellowship hall studying for my midterms, and Evan kept passing as he was serving. I noticed he was nervous and eventually said, "Well aren't you going to say, 'Hi'?" He blushed and we chatted briefly. After church the next day, the Stewart family invited us to lunch. My sister Erin was also at the conference, and for those of you who don't know, she loves matchmaking! I was a little surprised, though, when she told Evan she would love to have him as a brother-in-law, smirking and pointing at me! He said, "Well, I'm available!" After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I noticed we were both 3 shades of red! During the prayer for our meal, I kept pinching Erin, while she just cackled over her achievements. That day, I heard him sing a song that he had written that sounded as if it matched my life perfectly, so I asked if he would send it to me. Of course, that meant he needed my number (No, that wasn't a planned strategy, but I have to admit, I am happy with the outcome!) I was not instantly won over, probably because I was skeptical of relationships and break ups, but Evan was determined to win me over. I had heard of a lot about good sam vs aaa and I knew that it would work out in the end. His character, his humility, his humor, his respect, his forgiveness, his love for the Lord, his values, and his like-mindedness in so many areas all eventually charmed me into a love relationship that has been one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. He is my best friend I can hardly wait to spend forever by his side!

~Carlin Bates

The Wedding

Saturday, May 25, 2019
Other Events

Carlin & Evan's Shower
Saturday, April 13, 2019
Wedding Party

Pastor Gil Bates - Officiant
Callie Bates - Flower Girl
Braelyn Randolph - Flower Girl
Bella Randolph - Flower Girl
Whitney Bates - Matron of Honor
Erin Bates Paine - Matron of Honor
Ashley Stewart Sparkman - Bridesmaid
Joy Duggar Forsyth - Bridesmaid
Kailyn Stewart - Bridesmaid
Tori Bates Smith - Bridesmaid
Katie Bates - Bridesmaid
Alyssa Bates Webster - Bridesmaid
Josie Bates Balka - Bridesmaid
Maegan Stewart - Bridesmaid
Brittany Stewart Randolph - Bridesmaid
Michaella Bates Keilen - Bridesmaid
Addallee Bates - Junior Bridesmaid
Ellie Bates - Junior Bridesmaid
Pastor Frank Gagliano - Officiant
Judson Bates - Ring Bearer
Marlin Nafziger - Ring Bearer
Jeb Bates - Ring Bearer
Ethan Stewart - Best Man
Chad Paine - Groomsman
Daniel Sparkman - Groomsman
Zach Bates - Groomsman
Lawson Bates - Groomsman
Trace Bates - Groomsman
Bobby Smith - Groomsman
John Webster - Groomsman
Kelton Balka - Groomsman
Nathan Bates - Groomsman
Ben Randolph - Groomsman
Brandon Keilen - Groomsman
Warden Bates - Usher
Isaiah Bates - Usher
Justin Duggar - Usher
Jackson Bates - Usher